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Solutum is a young innovative Cleantech Start-Up that targets one of the world’s major challenges – plastic pollution.


Looking to solve a problem that’s being piling up for decades, our team of chemical engineers have developed a unique compound that replaces plastic with a cost efficient, strong and eco-friendly solution.

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Solutum biodegradable products are environmentally friendly. These products aim to replace plastic which is polluting our surroundings, causing devastating harm to nature and our own health.

Each year around 350M ton of plastics are being produced around the world. About half of it is single-use products - resulting in mass pollution of the land and sea.

The plastic that reaches the sea kills more than 1 million marine animals a year. This plastic also comes back to us in the food and water, causing major health problems.
Translated into money -  $139 Billion globally is being spent on the overall social and environmental costs of plastic pollution every year.

Completely dissolving in water to natural and eco-friendly components, our product is a perfect and cost efficient solution to the plastic pollution.



After years of intensive R&D, we have managed to produce a uniquely eco-friendly compound that provides the best user experience.


The unique manufacturing process allows for usage of regular plastic machinery to create our products - reducing costs and meeting manufacturers' requirements.

Our product feels and looks like plastic, but is made of a 100% environmentally friendly material which requires only water to biodegrade.

No elaborate process or the use of chemicals is needed - once you're done, just throw it down the drain.

Easy to produce, easy to use and easy to dispose of - our product allows for a sustainable and cleaner environment.

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