After years of intensive R&D, we have managed to produce a uniquely eco-friendly compound that provides the best user experience.

We have developed a mechanism that allows us to control how sensitive our material is to water. We control the time from when the material comes in contact with water until the dissolving process starts. We have some products that will start dissolving almost immediately and some products that will dissolve after a predetermined time. This allows us to adapt our materials to be various plastic substitutes. 

Our product feels and looks like plastic, but is made of a 100% environmentally friendly material that requires only water to biodegrade.

The manufacturing process allows for the usage of existing plant and equipment to manufacture our products, thus no need for CAPEX (capital expenditure.) Thus, reducing costs and meeting manufacturers' requirements.

No elaborate process or chemical usage is needed - once you're done, just throw it down the drain, place it in your dishwasher, or washing machine.

Easy to produce, easy to use, and easy to dispose of - our product allows for a more sustainable and cleaner environment.

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